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What is OkadaBooks [All you need to know]

What is OkadaBooks?


Okadabooks is a book reading/publishing platform for anyone looking to publishing any written content or reading published works. The Web app ( is where you visit to publish your books. Then readers download the "OkadaBooks App" on their phones to buy, download read your books. Full stop?

Now, History Class

As at January 2015, Okadabooks had 9,200+ books on it’s store, 4000+ registered users with over 449,000 downloads and counting, every hour. At the time of this post, we had 12,000 books, 106,000 users and 879,000 Downloads according to the real-time stats on the Homepage.

Once a book is on the store, readers have the option of paying with different payment methods including Bank cards ( from anywhere around the world) and Airtime (In Nigeria). However, some books are free and do not require any form of payment.

Publishers and writers who use the app described it as Africa’s fastest growing eBook portal as it allows all genres of literally works to be published without restrictions (although books are reviewed by visitors/writers/readers), these books also includes comics, projects and School past questions. Others described it as The largest collection of African content in one place with books from the greats to the young writers.

Although, built to ease publishing and publicity for Africans, other continents have also hopped on the bike and everyone’s favorite “Oliver Twist” and other notable Novels could also be found on the Okadabooks store.The Android App is available for download on Google Play, The Appstore for Blackberry Os 10, an iOs version (beta) and a Windows Phone version, all free.

The name Okadabooks was thought of when the founder was riding an Okada in his dreams. He noticed how Okadas were able to by-pass the congested roads of Nigeria by offering a cheaper, faster and more flexible alternative to conventional means of transportation. An Okada (as it's called in Nigeria) is a Motorcycle or Motorbike

Today the conventional way of reading and publishing books is currently experiencing a traffic jam from poor distribution to high printing costs. Okadabooks seeks to by-pass the traffic in the Nigerian book publishing industry by making it easy to publish books, making it cheap to buy books but more importantly making it fun to read books on mobile devices! At the end of the day, we are driven by the concept that people will read…if books are made cheap and easily accessible and what better way to do that than by using mobile phones!?

In 2013, it was named "MTN App of the Year"

Still About OkadaBooks - Hard Copy and Offline

Publishers, authors...anyone can simply upload and sell their stories on Okadabooks. It is free. All they have to do is Sign up or sign in, start publishing and making money from their books. These books, once published could be found and bought from the Okadabooks store. Once you buy a book, you might be required to download the Okadabooks application to read these books.... or just visit on your computer if you don't have a phone.

You will not be required to order the book in hard copy. We take away all the stress and make it fun by providing you with a digital copy you can carry everywhere. Once you are signed in to the app, you control everything. You can easily buy books, download these books to your phone, turn off your data connection and read the books through the Application. Now, while downloading, these books' sizes may vary from 100kb to 7mb, depending on the number of pages or contents in the books.

To publish you will have to visit the web app at on your computer and publish - Publishing on Okadabooks is really easy and free and you can earn a lot from selling your books. If the books do not belong to you or you don't have the rights to the book(s) then you don't get your payout.

Again, Okadabooks do not deliver books to your doorstep or make you read these books with your data connection turned on all the time. We simply put the books in your pocket and you could read them anywhere, anytime. Once you sign in and buy a book, download it to that phone and read it through the Application. If you happen to reset the Device or sign in with the same account on another phone, you will not be required to purchase the book(s) again because you already did and you will find these purchased books in your MY BOOKS section within the app - download the book to continue reading.

Start publishing today. Get Okadabooks publishing Handbook on the store for free

If you have any questions, leave them below. I'd be glad to take them

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