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How to Refill on your OkadaBooks App


Yes! You can refill with foreign cards from anywhere in the world. We accept payments with Paystack. We accept foreign cards :)

Hey Everyone, it's Magnus the Mechanic and today, we'll be looking at refilling with airtime or Bank cards on the app. I'm currently using the recent update to the OkadaBooks App (Version 3.1.0) You can download yours on the Google Play Store for Android or for other devices.

I'm recommending the latest version of the app because you can now refill with Etisalat, MTN and Bank cards.

Now to refill on the OkadaBooks App, you must be signed in. If you're signed in, tap on the MENU button at the top right-hand side to display the MENUs in the App (see screenshot below)

Select Account/Refill

Click on Refill. The Refill page will load up. Now let's talk about this page and what makes it special (see screenshot below)

On the page, you can Add a Bank Card to refill with or click on the option below it that says "Click here for other refill options" to refill with Recharge cards. Now let's take it one at a time -

Select the "...other refill options" in a red text. The Airtime refill page will come up (See screenshot below)

You can either refill with MTN or ETISALAT airtime. Enter the card pin into the fields provided, pick the card's amount and tick the 4 boxes after reading what they say. Then click on OK.

Your account will be refilled instantly IF the pin is correct. If you refill with wrong card pins your account will be blocked - So you have to make sure the values and amount specified are all correct.

This is one is even simpler. You simply add a card to the App and refill with it anytime you want.
I keep getting these questions about our card security and it's origin and ...*insert panic question**
We accept payments with Paystack and it's so secure, it looks away when you enter your card details

On the refill page, click on ADD CARD to add a bank card (see screenshot below)

The CVV is a 3 digit anti-fraud security feature at the back of your card to help verify that you are in possession of your credit card. For Visa/Mastercard, the three-digit CVV number is printed on the signature panel on the back of the card immediately after the card's account number.

Once you have added your card and made payment, you will receive an email from OkadaBooks like the one below:

If you get a "Data Unavailable" error when refilling then turn off your data and turn it back on and try again. If it persists, use the RESET APP option to reset the app

To refill your account via Bank deposits or other refill methods, please see this post instead

If you have questions about this whole refill/refilling thing. Leave a comment below - we gon' talk about it together.

I made a refill via bank deposit and it keeps giving me an error message that reads "we could not process the request. Please try again". What do I do about this please.?

Thanks for sharing with us the detailed steps! Really helped me!

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