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How to Refill on OkadaBooks Website

Yes! You can refill with foreign cards from anywhere in the world. We accept payments with Paystack. We accept foreign cards :slight_smile:

Hey guys
In a previous tutorial here, i explained the basic steps to refilling on your OkadaBooks App. You can click here to steal those steps

If you don't have the Okadabooks App for some reason, then refilling on the should be your second best option as it is also instant and your card is safe. OkadaBooks accepts payments with Paystack - for bank cards anywhere in the world. Let's not forget the airtime option. If you are in Nigeria and would like to refill with airtime then be my guest. I'll show you how...


To Refill on the Website with Bank Cards


Visit the card refill page here:

Choose your currency and Amount you would like to refill
Minimum acceptable refill amounts are NGN1000 and USD 5. Make sure to read other instructions on the page
Then click on REFILL ACCOUNT to refill with your bank card details. These details will not be stored by Okadabooks or the payment system - You are safe.

To Refill on the Website with Airtime (Recharge Cards)

This is also instant and OkadaBooks accepts only MTN and ETISALAT airtime at the moment -
Visit the card Refill page here:

If you noticed from my last tutorial, this looks pretty much like the refill page on the App.

Fill in the boxes with the appropriate details and make sure to fill the AMOUNT box to report the pin's value.
Tick the other boxes and click on REFILL ACCOUNT. If the page reloads and the PIN box has a red outline then your card is already used. If your refill is successful, you will get a notification that stays on the top-left corner of the page for a few seconds before fading out.... If you use incorrect pins, your account will be blocked.

To refill your account via Bank deposits or other refill methods, please see this post instead

If you happen to have issues while refilling or encounter any errors, contact us
Be Awesome!

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