Creating an ePub on OkadaBooks - For APEN Contest

Hi, My name is Magnus and you can write me at if you have any problems implementing the steps in this guide.

Please use a computer to carry out these steps; it'd be easier and will save you more time, trust Magnus 

First of all, you need to register on OkadaBooks or sign in.1 It's Free. If you can't remember your login details, recover them here. ... We'll wait for you. 

Are you signed in now?

Step 1: Go to, or click on CREATE YOUR STORY or UPLOAD... anyone of those. The page below should load up... I stole this sample from OkadaBooks

Step 2: Fill the Title, Category, Description, tags, price and Upload your book cover.

In the field provided for the book title, please add (#APENcontest) at the end of your title, in bracket. For Example Title: Beauty is Wrapped in my Arms (#ApenContest)

Set your book price to 0 naira.

Ignore the "Disable Sale in Web Store" option.

Tick Adult (18+) if the book is an Adult book. If the cover is pornographic (contains a nude image or a strong language, your book will be deleted whether Adult (18+) is ticked or not. So, don't upload nudes or say something strong

The Important Part

So the story is in a Microsoft Word Document, PDF, txt or any other format originally, right?

The CREATE EPUB button will pop-down a SECTION. Do not panic
Simply paste your Title in the "Title" field and your paste your story in the box beneath it. See my example below:

Then click on PUBLISH. That's it. You story should be published.

Before you click on "Publish" is advised you click the preview button to view your book and see what it would look like when you publish. Also, you could go back (from the preview) and make changes to your work. The image below shows what the preview section looks like, with detailed markers.

Like i said, Make sure you preview your work before you finally publish: PREVIEW before PUBLISH


If your word count was less than 1500 before you published, don't worry about what it shows on Okadabooks after you published. The word count on Okadabooks is different

If you're using Safari on a Mac and these steps don't work for you, try another browser.

Don't worry about the page numbers, font type, size and other details during preview. You can change these details (like font size and type etc) while reading on the App.

You don't have to refill to publish a book.

If you run into any problems at all, send us an email.

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