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How to gift a book on Okadabooks/Refill credits

So you're organizing a contest and would like to gift books to users on Okadabooks?

Our current system does not let you gift books to users... But you can gift them a particular amount to buy your books or other books on Okadabooks

Here's how it's done.

Note: User(s) to be gifted must have an Okadabooks account.

Simply let us know your username/email, the usernames/emails of the accounts to be gifted and the amount to gift each user


Please credit iammagnus1, karo111, tope12 with N500 each from my account Ofego21

Send it to and we'll get it done for you within 12 hours. You can only gift an amount you have on your account. Don't ask us to gift tope12 N1000 when you have N200 on your account.

Thank you 

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