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Fixing Login/Password Issues on OkadaBooks

Hey guys, welcome baaaaccckkkk! Let's talk about resolving something a lot of users find annoying, especially after refilling....
If you happen to have issues signing in on OkadaBooks then this is for you. On this tutorial, SIGN IN is same as LOGIN

First, if you keep getting a "Data Unavailable" error then your login details are probably incorrect or there's a space after your username or email. I noticed the sign in form on a previous version doesn't ignore whitespaces. This is fixed in the latest versions but just in case it happens, it could be the problem and one way to fix this is to update your app.
If your app is updated then do the following:
- RESET APP ( Don't worry, you won't lose your books)
- On blackberry especially, turning your device off and turning it back on resolves this as well.
- Although, this will unlikely happen but if you get a "Data Unavailable" error on OkadaBooks while connected to a WIFI network, then try log in with your mobile data. I'm saying this because a user once reported a "No internet connection" error on her windows phone...

Before we go on, i'd like to point out the basic errors you could encounter and their solutions:
- Invalid Password means that your password is not correct
- User not found: This comes up when you type in a wrong username or email address. It simply means that the username or email doesn't exist on OkadaBooks at all. If you're on an older version, make sure to remove the spaces before and after your username or email address on the sign in form.

Secondly, if you forget your username or Password, visit: The Forgot Password Page to recover your details.
Once you reset your password. You will receive a new password, copy it (Don't type it, you might miss or mix up the letters) and make sure there are no spaces before or after the password. One of the ways to be sure is to paste it in your notepad first, then copying it from there to the login form. It won't take 60 seconds...

If you have any other login issues or encounter different login errors on Okadabooks then leave a comment below. I will get back to you and we'll definitely resolve them for you.

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