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What Do You Hate About The OkadaBooks Website

So it's not a secret, the current website is not the best thing since sliced Agege bread with hot beans ... yummy. So one of our goals in 2017 is to completely revamp, remix and change up the website. But as always we need your help, your feedback. We don't want to design something that you don't like. So please help us by telling us what you HATE this will help us give you something you LIKE.

Below is an early early early sneak peek that we stole off the designer's laptop, as proof that the re-design work has already started...

Limiting search string to maximum of 20 characters on android phones is a SERIOUS  LIMITATION of Okadabooks . 

Many books titles spanned beyond the maximum of 20, My book title, The principles of success is 22 for instance. That shuts many books out! Do some about it 

We noticed and we're working on fixing that.

Thanks for your feedback, John!

Thank God that your are working on removing the limitation on SEARCH STRING,  because, definitely that limitation doesn't affect only my  book, other great books like " Multiple Streams of income" by best seller author, Robert G Allen; "Aliko Mohammad Dangote; The  Biography of the Richest Black Person in the World ", and Tim Lahaye's great classic, "Why You Act the Way you do" are also shut out, and would desperately be waiting for the fix too.. I hope the FIX WOULD NOT BE LONG, because my book is just sitting in the OKADSTORE without notice. .  

I want to know how long the limitation on search string could be removed, or should I change my book title? It's very much of concern to me.

Not hate actually, but a suggestion for improvement. I wish the DELETE button on the PUBLISHING page has Warning before deleting, so that a CONFIRM DELETE message will guard against accidental delete. Thanks 

I REALLY HATE the fact that Okadbooks support does not have a contact number. I have spent all day today trying to get the most simple answers to basic questions yet this is 5.30 pm and I still haven't been able to publish my book. You write a question and wait a minimum two hours for feedback. I've never experienced this kind of awkward service couled with delay on any other e publishing site. A simple call can set somethings straight and make my publishing task faster.

Hi Vivian David-Ekpe,

We are so sorry for any inconvenience we must have caused. Please drop your contact number and a support representative will get back to you shortly. Thanks.

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