New to Okadabooks? See How to Quickly Publish Your Ebook

So you're new to Okadabooks, and having heard so much about the platform, you're interested in being part of us and also publishing your ebooks.

How do you start?

Here is how to begin.

  1. Visit

  2. Sign up for an account if you don't already have one. Then sign in.

  3. Visit your profile page and fill in all necessary details (your name, email address etc)

  4. Go to the menu and click on publish. Two options pop out, as seen in the picture below.

Since you're new, you obviously don't have anything in 'my publications'. So click on 'create your story'.

  1. The next page that opens is where all the publishing is done. See the image below.

  1. After filling in your details, it is time to upload or create your epub file.
    Option one: go to to convert your file to epub. After conversion, download the file into your system or tab or phone (depends on what you're using) and then upload it to your ebook creation page using the upload button, which will then take you to your storage to get the downloaded epub.

Allow it upload and then hit 'save' after the upload bar gets to 100%. A green highlight will appear at the top of the page, telling you your work has been saved.

Option two:
Click on create epub. A section, section 1, comes up as seen in the pix below. This should be your title page. Every about your title should be in the body of section one. All you have to do is copy from your word document and paste in here.

Section 2 can be your dedication page. Title it dedication and put the dedication in the body. All you have to do is copy from your word document and paste in here.

Section 3 can be where your story starts, depending on what comes next in your book. If it is an acknowledgement page, then by all means, put that there. Again, all you have to do is copy from your word document and paste in here.
Always click on the Add section button to add more sections until you get to the last chapter of your book.

  1. When you're done, lick on save. See the save button below.

  2. After saving, you can then click on preview. It helps you see how your book will be in the reading app. If there are stuffs you don't like, simply hit the "back to edit" button. It takes you back to the edit page where you can edit and then preview again to be sure all is in order.

  3. If you're satisfied, still hit the "back to edit" button and then click on publish.

  4. Congrats. Once you hit publish and it loads up, your ebook automatically appears in the ebook store, under the 'New' tab. You can go there and check it out. Click on it and copy the link so as to share with your readers.

I hope this helps.

Thanks very much!

You're welcome John.

When creating your epub, do you start with uploading the cover?

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