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Hi friends!

 May I get clarification from other more experienced person out there about the meaning and consequence when your book has the tab "Requires app" on it rather than "Buy".. Does it affect your sales?

Hi John,

A book shows "REQUIRES APP" when "disable from webstore" is ticked. A book that has "requires app" are only available on the app, users from the web cannot read the book unless they have the OkadaBooks app.

This feature also helps protect your book from piracy.

You can reach out to if you have more questions.


That is a good note but how do you even afford that at this point man. How would you even get it done at this point? You should know how it works and that is going to take a lot of money into it in the long run which is very food for all of us at this point and you know how that works well for most of it.

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