2018 APEN/AISEN Short Story Contest has a new Deadline


Think you can write an amazing short fictional story in 1500 – 2000 words?

Enter the inaugural APEN/AISEN Short Story Competition: Powered By OkadaBooks, for your chance for a 1 week paid internship at Farafina/Kachifo press and a chance to get published on OkadaBooks, and make your school proud!

Open to APEN/AISEN schools only

The top 10 winning entries in each category will be on display in the inaugural APEN/AISEN OkadaBooks short story compilation.


  1. Authors (Students) Aged 8 – 18 are Eligible to Enter. The two age groupings are ages: 8 – 12, and 13 – 18.
  2. Write a short children’s story that ends with the phrase, “And that’s how the Princess saved the Prince.” Do not use this as the title of your story. Come up with something original.
  3. Upload and publish your Short Story to okadabooks.com. See how to upload your short story entry by clicking here
  4. When publishing, in the field provided for the book title, please add in bracket (#APENAISENagegroup1), if you’re 8 – 12. And in a bracket, (#APENAISENagegroup2), if you’re 13 – 18, at the end of your title. For Example, Title: Beauty and The Teeth (#APENAISENagegroup2). Failure to do so means we won’t be able to find your entry and you might miss out on your internship.
  5. Set your price at 0 Naira.
  6. Write your name and school in your book/story description field. Failure to provide this information means we won’t be able to identify you or your school, and your entry will not get judged. So ensure you put it.
  7. Also, ensure you use a cover photo for your entry. Beautiful covers attract extra marks too.
  8. All the entries will be reviewed by OkadaBooks team led by editor Chiamaka Onu-Okpara and the top 50 entries will be identified and sent to the Contest main judge, Enajite Efajuaye (Chief Editor Farafina/Kachifo).
  9. AUDIENCE FAVORITE An additional 10 entries in each category with the most downloads, ratings, and reviews will also be sent to the main Judge to form the final Top 60.
  10. Audience Favorite Entries: At the start of the voting period, invite your friends, family, neighbors, teachers, classmates, etc, to vote for your story by,
    • Downloading a copy
    • Reading your Story
    • Rating it
    • Leaving a review
  11. Your entry must be original.
  12. BE SURE OF YOUR WORD COUNT! Entries exceeding the word limits will be disqualified.
  13. The winners will be selected based on:
  • Language/Grammar
  • Originality/Creativity
  • Structure
  • Cover design
  • Coherence



Key Dates

Entry starts on: Has started
Entry closes and Audience Favorite Voting begins: 15th October, 2018 at 11:59pm
Voting Ends: 20th October, 2018 at 11:59pm
Judging begins: 21st October, 2018
Winners will be announced: 5th November, 2018

May the best Story, win! O! And we can’t forget the prizes!

First Place Winner will receive a N20,000 one week paid internship at Farafina
Second Place Winner will receive a N10,000 one week paid internship at Farafina
Third Place Winner will receive a N5,000 one week paid internship at Farafina

If you have questions or inquiries, please send us an email here – themechanic@okadabooks.com