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Dusty Manuscript Contestants Q&A

1. I want to know if all I have to do is just edit and upload my book or do I need get back to you after I might  have uploaded it?

Answer: Yes you have to get back to us so we can vet the quality of your uploaded manuscript. And If it meets our standard quality you'll get the N50,000 marketing package.

You can get back to us on:

2. Am I allowed to put a price tag on my book while uploading it?

Answer: Yes. We recommend it. The whole Idea is that you're publishing your book to make money from it. We want to make money for authors. 

You get a 70% commission on each sale while OkadaBooks takes 30%

3. After you have helped with the promotion, what's next? How do I continue?
Answer: OkadaBooks promotion is basically to get you started, to get you going… We want to push your books out there.
If you sell a lot of copies, maybe more than 100 copies, We’ll notify a hard copy publish and see if they can get you published

4. Also, what are your terms and condition?
Answer: We don’t have any terms. It’s going to be a cumulative marketing campaign for the dusty manuscript books.
If it qualifies we’ll get back to you by September 14th 2018.

5. What do you mean by, 'if it shows potential'? I mean, how does a book show potential?
Answer: Quality cover, quality editing, If it has enough buzz around it….

6. My book has been published on OkadaBooks. Do i still need to re-publish the book.

Answer: No. Create a buzz about your book. Get people to talk about it…
If it’s really good we’ll promote it as well and notify a hardcopy publisher to see if they’ll be interested in publishing your work

7. Do you distribute it on Amazon?
Answer: We don’t currently distribute to Amazon. If it’s a really good book we’ll try pushing it to Amazon but there is no guarantee

8. Show me an example of quality books and covers

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I have uploaded my manuscript and it's for free, can I still benefit from the offer?. Thanks

Yes. You can benefit from the offer. We also recommend you price your book as well

Hi, first question: do i need to reupload my manuscript or its the uploaded script that was sent during the dusty manuscript contest that will be used? 2nd question: i just read through the email and im very intrested. Could i get a rep to call me to have a clearer idea of what needs to be done to get involved? My number is 07063864115. Thanks
Good evening sir, i have uploaded/published my Dusty manuscript (The adventure of an optimist" on the okadabook platform. What should i do next?.
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