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Good day,

Please my name is Fola Afuye. I’m from Nigeria. 

I suddenly discovered I can’t find all my purchased books. As a matter of fact Okada books is telling me i have a  zero purchased , yet I’m supposed to have nothing less than 9-10 purchased books  by Chris Segun Onayinka in my folder.

Please, i will be glad if this problem can be resolved as soon as possible.

Thank you 

Fola Afuye  

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Same here! Been having a hard time searching for my purchased books for days now.

Good day

My name is Anna Onwuka Imoleayo 

I bought a book by Samuel Ekundayo(Purpose in Crisis) a week ago or there about. I have started reading but then my network had issues and when it was restored, reading wasn't enabled. I kept getting Ooops! That was our fault messages.

I really need to continue reading and finish my assignment as i may be unenrolled from my class if i don't submit those assignment.  

Kindly rectify ASAP.

Thank you. 

I’m facing same challenges, kindly rectify ASAP
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