Thanks for reaching out to OkadaBooks. OkadaBooks has 3 Refill options:

1. Debit/Credit Card (Instant: Refills your account Instantly)
- Visit
- Sign In
- Click on your profile icon (Top-right corner)

- Click on Balance (or follow this link:

- Then enter the amount you'd like to refill
- You can switch to USD on the next page to pay in dollars (If you're outside Nigeria or using a dollar card)

2. Bank Transfer

You can also refill through bank deposits

ACCT# 0136442977.
GT Bank

Kindly notify us (on with your username and Depositor's name after payment

3. Airtime Transfer

This method requires you to transfer airtime to OkadaBooks to get your account credited.

It is explained here:

Payment Options For Other Services:

OkadaBooks Ads and Promotions, editing, epub conversions, cover design please see this page: