Warning: Utilizing the options below will not automatically make your book a bestseller. They are simply ways to amplify your already existing marketing efforts.


OkadaBooks currently offers 6 distinct services to help users promote their books. The options are below:


  1. Placement on Front Page: We can place your book on the Okadabooks storefront page on the featured tab at N10,000 for 7 days per book. Anyone opening the app within that time frame will see your book(s) on the front page first and this will drive sales.

  1. Author Custom Tab: We will create a custom author Tab for you housing all your books. This will give your book more visibility. Cost is N1500 for 1 week and can be renewed at any time.

  1. Push Notification: Okadabooks has over 200,000+ users. We would send a push notification to all of them informing them about your book or books via a single sentence text. Cost per push notification is N5,000. Due to their device settings and optimization, a few users do not receive push notifications but a huge percentage will.
  1. Book Review / Email Blasts:  We can publicize your book via an email that will be sent out to over 200,000 of our users. This email will be composed in a bid to convince the receivers. It will also include a short synopsis of your book and the link for purchase. Book Review and Email Blast = N40,000. (Book review - N10,000 | Email blast - N30,000)

    The email will optionally include a review on Bellanaija and the decision to push it onthe external website is solely up to us. Here is an example.

  1. App Banner: Advertise your book or books with a banner picture on the OkadaBooks Android app. Everyone opening our app will see your book banner displayed directly below the menu and linked to any destination of your choice. You can even link people to your book trailer or your blog. This feature costs N37,500 for 1 week. 
  1. Social Media Ads:

Sponsored post (Picture) Instagram 5,750 - per post

Sponsored post (Video) Instagram - 5,750 per post.

Sponsored post (picture) Facebook page - 3,750

Sponsored post (Video) - Facebook Page - 3,750

Sponsored post (Picture) Twitter - 5750

Sponsored post (Video) Twitter - 5750

Pictures and videos are subject to approval.


To execute any of the above options, feel free to contact us at sales@okadabooks.com to ask us about available discounts when you combine multiple options. If you're not combining multiple options please follow this link to make payment:  https://paystack.com/pay/okbads . Then send an email to services@okadabooks.com so we can execute your order.

You can also pay through bank deposits
ACCT# 0068634293.
Diamond Bank

Kindly notify us (on services@okadabooks.com) with your Depositor's name after payment


NOTE: OkadaBooks has the right to deny promotion for books that have prohibited content or do not reach our quality requirements e.g. books not uploaded with sharp custom covers, or not thoroughly edited.