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What Is Okadabooks?

It’s a fast, simple and fun way to read books without ever leaving your couch!

Send a text, choose a book, then download and start reading — it’s almost as easy as riding an Okada. It's book reading, reinvented.

The Idea

Mobile devices have been blamed for the poor reading culture in Nigeria. But rather than criticizing mobile devices and accepting the notion that Nigerians don’t read…Okadabooks seeks to harness the power of the mobile phone to make it easier and cheaper for Nigerians to read. At the end of the day, we are powered by the belief that Nigerians do indeed read, if given the chance.

Why OkadaBooks?

The name Okadabooks was thought of when the founder was riding an okada in his dreams. He noticed how Okadas were able to bypass the congested roads of Nigeria by offering a cheaper, faster and more flexible alternative to conventional means of transportation. Today the conventional way of reading and publishing books is currently experiencing a traffic jam from poor distribution to high printing costs. Okadabooks seeks to bypass the traffic in the Nigerian book publishing industry by making it easy to publish books, making it cheap to buy books but more importantly making it fun to read books on mobile devices! At the end of the day, we are driven by the concept that people will read…if books are made cheap and easily accessible and what better way to do that than by using mobile phones!

So How Do I pay For Books?

Great question! Okadabooks accepts credit/bank card payments from all over the world including Mars. The customer simply enters their card details in our app and then enters their account refill amount and instantly the user's Okadabooks account is credited.

Purchases can also be made via other methods, to get full details on how to make payments visit here.

Is Okadabooks for Android Phones only?

Okadabooks works on Android tablets as well.

But back to the question…Okadabooks is available on the following platforms, Blackberry via the Amazon store and Windows. The download links are below ...

Windows: http://bit.ly/okadawindows

Blackberry/Amazon: http://bit.ly/amzokadabooks

Android: http://bit.ly/okadabook

IOS:  OkadaBooks IOS App

Where Can We Find Okadabooks?

We are everywhere. In your phone, in your computer…everywhere =)

How Much Do Books Cost?

Books cost anywhere from N0 to N10,000, with authors making about 70% on each sale! (September 2021 update).

What’s Next For Okadabooks?

We plan to become the best book publishing/reading app in the world. We won’t rest until we have taken over the world and invaded all the planets in our solar system! Watch out Mercury and Uranus!

How Do I Get My Book or Stories Published In Your App?

There are 87 different stages of getting your book published with us…we lie…its just 1 stage.

Upload an epub version of your book or short story and a cover page (in JPG) here http://publish.okadabooks.com/publication/add.
Where it will be instantly added to our library!

Fast, simple and quick … you won’t wait for months to get your books published with us. So hurry to upload your books, our users can’t wait to see what you have been working on.

I Have No Idea How To Create Epubs?

If you can cut and paste…then you can create an epub file. Just go to http://publish.okadabooks.com/publication/add and copy and paste your stories and watch them magically transform to epubs! You can also visit this page for a guide on converting books to epub.

I Have Short Stories But I Am Not A Published Author, Can I Still Get Published On Okadabooks?

OkadaBooks is not just about books and neither are we just about published authors. We created the platform primarily to give up and coming authors published or unpublished an avenue to get their works distributed and monetized as early as possible. We believe this exposure will go far in increasing an authors confidence and revenue.

So if you have short stories or just one short story…simply send us an epub version of it. If the book makes us laugh, cry or ride…you know what…just read above =D

What Counts As Prohibited Content On Okadabooks?

We love the freedom of expression at Okadabooks, but prohibited content is where we draw the line. Listed below is a list of prohibited content on Okadabooks.

Pornography, Nudity, and Sexually Explicit Material: Adult or explicit material depicting illegal acts or deemed to be exploitative shall be considered pornography and blocked or removed from our Website.

If your content contains appropriate adult or explicit material, please mark the page as containing mature content as a courtesy to other Users, so that they will have the choice whether or not to view this content. You can do this either in the subtitle or in the opening paragraph of your book description. We reserve the right to put such content containing mature content, behind an interstitial.

Hateful content: Users may not publish material that promotes hate toward groups based on race or ethnic origin, religion, disability, gender, age, veteran status, and sexual orientation/gender identity.

Violent content: Users may not publish direct threats of violence against any person or group of people. We also ask Users not to publish content that contains graphic violence. Users may not publish instructional material regarding the creation of weapons of mass destruction.

Pirated content: Don’t post anything you didn’t write on Okadabooks without the explicit permission of the person who did write it. Don’t upload pirated versions of published works, or any other content that belongs to someone else. Posting plagiarized and pirated works of any kind are illegal and punishable by law.

Failure to adhere to our strict policies will lead to suspension of account and a persistent violation will lead to the account being permanently disabled. If you are unsure of whether your content violates the rules above, feel free to send us an email at okada@okadabooks.com

Do You Protect Authors Against Piracy?

Okadabooks hates pirates as much as you do, they steal ships and speak funny. So our team of smart developers have created DRM versions of epubs that ensure that your books are not illegally distributed…I could explain how it works, but I would embarrass myself.

However, if you feel that your book has been illegally uploaded to Okadabooks and would like to remove the book from our library and you own the rights to it .... then send an email to okada@okadabooks.com with proof and we will process your request to remove the book in question.  

How Much Royalty Do We Get?

Authors make 70% on each sale.

Will Okadabooks Promote Books? 

Yes, we can. OkadaBooks currently offers 6 distinct options to help users promote their books. You can find out about the options when you click here.

PS: email sales@okadabooks.com if you have more questions not covered in the link above.

How Do We Get Paid?

To withdraw funds press the withdraw button on your author portal page. If that button is disabled for you, forward your monthly report to okada@okadabooks.com with your bank account number for Nigerian accounts or PayPal email address for international users. Please note a cumulative minimum of N5,000.00 has to be accrued before requesting funds. This is to avoid excessive bank charges.

Also, only money made from books sold on OkadaBooks can be paid out from the platform, not money refilled. Learn more

Are Books Available Only In Nigeria?

Actually no. Books are available in all parts of the world, except when the publisher issues a geographic restriction based on copyright and other legal stuff that we are too slow to understand.

Can We Set Any Price?

Technically yes. The vision of okadabooks.com is to provide books at affordable prices to Nigerians. To that end, we are strongly recommending that authors price their books at any price below N200. But it is just a recommendation…if you feel the price of your book is N1,000,000 feel free to put it!

The Question I Wanted To Ask Is Not Listed Above, What Do I Do?

Have no fear…all you have to do is contact us here at themechanic@okadabooks.com and one of our mechanical experts would get to you as soon as we can find an answer.

Have no fear…all you have to do is post your question or questions here at discuss.okadabooks.com and one of our mechanical experts would get to you as soon as we can find an answer. And if we can't find the answer, our diverse and active user base will be sure to have a solution.