To get started, you'll need a stable internet connection and a computer.

  1. Visit and paste your story into a new document (Or if your story is on Google Docs already, open it)
  2. Open the file on Google Docs
  3. Go to File -> Download as -> EPUB Publication (.epub)

Convert ePubs with Google Docs

The doc will be converted to .epub and downloaded automatically.

Step 2

1. Visit, click on Write or Upload (Anyone you see first)

2. You will be redirected to the page below:

3. Fill the Title, Category, Description, price and Upload your book cover.

Tick "Disable Sale in Web Store" to sell and allow users access the book on the OkadaBooks App alone, instead of App and Website. Some say their book is safer on the App alone.

4. Tick Adult (18+) if the book is an Adult book. If the cover is pornographic (contains a nude image or a strong language, your book will be deleted whether Adult (18+) is ticked or not. So, don't upload nudes or say something strong

5. Click on UPLOAD EPUB to upload the ePub file created with Google Docs. Once uploaded, you can save it, preview it or Publish.

Your book will be published to the Store successfully.