Note: You can only Download and read books on the OkadaBooks App for iOS or Android

If you haven't downloaded the app then do so by following this link:

How to Download a Book on the Android App

1. First, you have to buy the book, If you already did, skip to point #4

2. Visit the Store, Click on the Book you'll like to buy. You'll see an Add to Library option if it's a free book. If it's not you'd be required to refill (recharge/top up) your account before buying the book.

3. The refill page will load up, click on Refill and Pay to Pay with either airtime or your bank Card

4. After that, you'd see a DOWNLOAD option, click on it to download the book. The button will say "Downloading" to indicate the book is being downloaded

5. Once downloaded, you'd see a Start Reading Option or go to LIBRARY (or MY BOOKS) to view the book and other purchased books

How to Download a Book on the iOS App

1. Launch the app

2. Locate the Book (You can use the search icon located on the top-right)

3. Click on it and enter the name of the book.

4. Click on the icon that has the price tag of the book.

5. Confirm your purchase by clicking "Yes"

6. It would automatically start downloading. (Note: it shows DOWNLOADING when the book is being downloaded).

7. After download, you will see an option that says READ.