Launch the App


Go to Library
Slide to My Library or Reading List

Then Tap and hold on the book you would like to delete to select it

A delete (trash) Icon and share option will pop up on the top right section of the screen.
See screenshot below
Click on the Trash Icon to archive the book

The book will be deleted/archived from your Reading list (or library)
You can find archived/deleted books by clicking on the Downward arrow on the top-right section of the library.

See screenshot below:

Permanent Deletion and Book Update

If there is a new update on a book. Then you need to update your copy to the latest copy.
Tap and hold on the book in your archive and delete it from your archive.

This means you have deleted the book from your reading list (library) and also from your archive

Then go back to Store and search for the book.
Click on it, then click on the RE-ADD to Library.
An updated version of the book will be added to your library again for free