Thanks for reaching out to Okadabooks.

Your books can be read on the App and the Website if you did not "Disable Sale in Webstore"...
As an author, you don't have to buy your book before reading it.

Here's how to read or preview your story on OkadaBooks App or Website or both

On Website

You can click on Preview to preview your work before publishing.

See screenshot below:
If your work is already published then:
Click on your Profile Icon (Top-right corner)
Click on My Works or follow this link

Click on the Pencil Icon in front of your book to edit it
You will be redirected to the Publications page where you can preview your work.

On Android App
Launch the app and make sure you're signed in on the account used to publish the book

yes, the book must be published already

Search for the book's title on the App

Click on it when you find it. You will see a "Re-add to Library" option like the one below

Click on "Re-add to Library"

The book will be added to your Library.

Then click on Download to download and read it for free... It's your book

Alternatively, You will find the book when you go to Library -> MY WORKS. But first, you have to click on "Re-add to Library"

Please click here to edit or update your book Instead