Thanks for reaching out to OkadaBooks. 

OkadaBooks is an e-publishing firm, we publish all kinds of digital books. Publishing on our platform is simple, easy, and free.

To publish on OkadaBooks. Kindly visit via a laptop or desktop web browser. 
Create an account (if you do not have one) or login to your account (If you have one). 
Upload the ePub copy of your book (You could also use the website to convert your book to ePub format if your book is not in ePub. Click the CREATE EPUB LINK on the website. 
Copy the content of your work into the space. Click preview to view your book and if it is good click PUBLISH).


PS: Note that when using the website to convert your book to ePub. You can copy and paste the content of your book chapter by chapter. 

All you need to do is to click on the create epub link, copy the first part of your work and paste into the space. 

Click ADD SECTION. Copy the next part or chapter of your book and paste it in the space. 

Repeat this until you have copied all the chapters and parts of your book. 

Then click preview to check and click publish if you are satisfied.