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Welcome to Africa's leading digital bookstore and e publishing platform.

Publishing on OkadaBooks is straightforward and free. You just need to create an account, upload the E-pub format of the book, upload the cover, a brief description, set a price and click on publish. The book goes live instantly. Here's a guide that explains the process. 

We take 30% off what you make from sales, while you take the other 70 and you can request payout once you've made a minimum of N10,000. There are more details about OkadaBooks here.

Note that we don't have any price regulations (on books) per se, so you're allowed to sell for the price you want. However, it is important to note that the e-version of a book, should typically be priced less than the physical copy, because there is no printing cost.

Sharing the link(s) to your book(s) with your immediate circle is typically a good way to start publicizing it. You can also share exciting excerpts from time to time, that way, you can draw people's attention to the book. Our promotional services are listed here, and payment can be made on the same page.

It is important to note that publicity on your part plays a major role in your book sales. Some of our best sellers are authors/publishers who consistently let people know that their books are available on OkadaBooks.
Other factors that may affect book sales include the price of your book, the book cover design and the book's description (synopsis). 

I hope this helps.